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Program Highlights

We at Centex Capital are able to offer certain type of mortgage products that most definitely fit any borrower situation. Check out below the type of programs we specialize in. If you have questions about any of these programs give us a call to discuss. (718) 997-7000.   Conforming Conventional Fixed and ARM including High […]

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New Start Program

We are launching our “New Start” program starting Dec 1, 2014. The expanded features and guidelines will allow qualified borrowers additional options for home financing: • No seasoning or mortgage pay history required after short sale, deed-in-lieu, bankruptcy or foreclosure • Bank statement option for self-employed borrowers • Minimum FICO score 580 Full product details […]

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Reduce Closing Costs

5 Ways to Reduce Closing Costs on Your Mortgage Whether you are taking out a new mortgage or refinancing an existing one for your property in Queens, you have to pay closing costs. Some of these costs are optional while others are mandatory. There are two types of costs you pay for the loan: recurring […]

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Fannie Mae HomeStyle

We are very pleased to announce a new product enhancement for the Fannie Mae HomeStyle Program Borrower wishes to do some upgrades to their property, from adding an extension to remodeling their kitchen. Rather than the home owner dipping into savings or using their credit cards, they can do what we consider a No Cash […]

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